"Splash" In Living Color Series #1

"Splash" In Living Color Series #1

Size: 16" x 40", 20" x 50"
Medium: Dye Sublimated Print on Metal
Year: 2018
16" x 40"
20" x 50"


Waves, to me, are comparable with emotions. They rise and fall invariably throughout each day, season and without exception. They evoke energy, movement and flow. Waves can be angry and knock you down…then emerge as calm and reflective. This progression mirrors our own emotions.

I revel in the saying “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”. If we are able to harness our thoughts and emotions…we will be able to ride the waves with ease, grace and enjoy life. This message resonated with me and was the genesis of my Wave & Surf series.

There is a peaceful, rhythmic and meditative feeling that surfaces while watching and listening to the waves crash. It offers a sense of balance and peace that we all yearn for and need. Enjoy riding the waves of your emotions…and try your best to always surf with a sense of grace and ease.



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"Splash" In Living Color Series #1
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