Three of the Few, Borana, Kenya.

Three of the Few, Borana, Kenya.

Size: 18" x 32.18", 28" x 50.06, 38" x 67.93"
Medium: Pigment/Inkjet, Silver Gelatin
Year: 2020
18" x 32.18", Pigment/Inkjet
38" x 67.93", Silver Gelatin
28" x 50.06, Pigment/Inkjet


The Lewa-Borana landscape has become a true success story in rhino conservation. The landscape is home to about 13% of Kenya’s rhinos making it a great place to photograph them.

This landscape serves as an example of what conservation is capable of and it acts as a model for others to follow. Both Lewa and Borana were originally cattle ranches that converted into conservancies. In 1983, there were 11 rhinos. Today, there is over 200.

The situation for wildlife in Africa can appear bleak at times, but there are a great number of success stories out there. We need to take the positive stories and use them to help and encourage others to make the same decisions. The biodiversity on this planet is extremely resilient and can bounce back if given the chance. We must ensure that it does not become too late as our own future depends on our planet, and its biodiversity.



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Three of the Few, Borana, Kenya.
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