Stepfamily Genealogy

Stepfamily Genealogy

Size: 38" x 30.5" in. ()
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Year: 2019

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Ancient Chinese Water Garden


“Years agoI brought home from Spain some super sheer sheets of plywood, enabling me to forgo stretchers and canvas. As is my wont, I sometimes do things with no endgame in sight , and I made a series of interlocking circles, entertaining myself by blending colors in and out , both to entertain my instinctual eye and , hopefully , inspire myself to move on to something more important some unexpected day.Eleven years later I’m in Michaels craft store.I spot a cellophane small package of cardboard puzzle shapes.Pay my $2.00.Somehow, without me, one morning , many weeks later , my mind lays the puzzle shapes over the circles. I “saw” StepfamilyGenealogy “. All I had to do was put them together.(My oldest two daughters gasped when I emailed the result: “That’s ME!!!”Times two.)
18. Life’s A CircumferenceShown at a small gathering in Delaware, this drawing had a huge. Impact on a very seriously troubled young woman who had lost a child, gone temporarily deaf, and had survived two near-death experiences .“That’s whatI went through.All these things coming at me.And when I had survived,through each one ….and could almost breathe again…the next one! That’s what life really IS, isn’t it?”Yes.Meaningless, unless you are helping others all the way through to the end,plus surviving your own challenges at the same time. This depiction is deeply meaningful to me , personally.There is no “arrival”.Once one accepts this, each of your days is a landscape to be painted with your own gifts, your own morality as to what is truly worthwhile. (OR, just keep on dancing (^O^)” -Jacquelyn Thunfors


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Stepfamily Genealogy
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