Seagrape....Deya, Mallorca, #1

Seagrape....Deya, Mallorca, #1

Size: 32" x 36" in. ()
Medium: pastel

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Ancient Chinese Water Garden


“Because I truly do not know what I am getting into most of the time…I get an idea, and want to talk about it, but how?.my “products” have little to do with each other. I do not have a “style” that offers Step One. Other people’s work intimidates me and never gives me a pattern. I am basically always scared can not sufficiently bring you the idea correctly, and, besides all that, do not understand where ideas come from in the first place. They certainly don’t come from each other! So I can’t be helpful at an exhibition. When someone wants to buy something, I can’t be their advisor. One needs to relate to an idea…be affected by it…or not, to take serious ownership of a work of “art.” So I’m always outside. Set up my easel. Way back in Spain, at my first European exhibition, I decided to pick a plant to paint so as not to waste my time. Seagrape is perfect: sculptural, outrageously flaunting her dinner-plate leaves in unexpected directions. By now, I have done many and have never been bored by her. A painting, dancing with these leaves, lets color urges play with themselves at random, totally instinctual, unchosen on purpose.


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Seagrape....Deya, Mallorca, #1
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