Music of Moses

Music of Moses

Size: 41" x 29"
Medium: pastel

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“With a bearded model posing for us one Friday morning I fell into a sort of trance remembering the ancient religious school books with bearded disciples strolling through the pages.I just sort of strolled around him randomly, imagined a musical instrument in his lap that would animate him , as he was slightly dozing.It was only much later I learned to value this painting and enjoy the spiritual expectancy factor that seems to emerge and talk back to me.I have, by now, accepted that there are unknown experiences that happen to part-time dreamers like me , that become recognizable to oneself only much later.I so enjoy looking at this drawing.It’s distinctly because one recognizes one can never repeat this kind of spontaneous experience again.” -Jacquelyn Thunfors



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Music of Moses
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