Size: 38" x 46"
Medium: pastel
Year: 2019

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I took on the challenge of transmitting to you this ethereal “dotted Swiss” bouquet, not focussing too much on the girl. (The difficult aspect of a painting is what appeals to me most-what is the best I can do with the little I bring to this party?) I was so relieved to capture the aerial nothingness of the flowers that I plunged into her brown face almost by default and surprised myself here. I quite enjoy, myself, the odd color balance, unplanned, and that one keeps looking for the “flowers” that I purposely, with great effort, tried to turn into “almost air.” -Jacquelyn Thunfors
“Anita DiMauro, my “adopted” Chinese daughter, has lived in Honolulu for many years. I have spent a great deal of time there painting, helping do the flowers for her only daughter’s wedding, doing a Paint Your Life workshop for women at the local prison, and celebrating life with my longtime native Hawaiian friend Betty Parker, who established the native hula performances for tourists at all the beachside local hotels, etc. One post-Ineki hurricane EasterI had a very interesting exhibition at the University of Hawaii, sponsored by the Jesuits, who had my Roe v. Wade sculpture at the podium for their Easter service and, in addition, a member of the choir wrote an opera to one of my paintings! That said, I feel perennial, inside, the contradictions of the place….the competing aspects of the often -feuding rainbow groups, the overly romantic beach, the hyper-expectancy factor of the tourists, the benevolent reach of the bureaucracy to represent the local varied implanted mindset, the poorly hidden angst of the native descendants. Hawaiian friends show me their secret garden hideaways…Japanese ladies educate me at the arboretum…Betty shows me her sister’s unique native straw hats, awarded stars by the National Endowment for the Humanities. But, bottom line, for me it is all too many moons, transplanted three-dimensional colonialism, the exotic smell of unknown flowers mixed with preordained expectations, $5 cantaloupe, and Costco.” -Jacquelyn Thunfors



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