Size: Double check 47" x 26.5" 8 in. ()
Medium: pastel

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Ancient Chinese Water Garden


“The January we buried my father was so bitter cold we advised his older friends at the church service not to come to the burial site but go directly to my daughter Jackie’s house for a luncheon celebrating his life. Arriving at the subzero snowy gravesite, a solitary man in a heavy scarf was waiting for us. Later I asked my mother who he was. “Oh, Jackie he’s the Harvard plant manager the boys in the foundry didn’t like. So, dad found him another job to save face. Every Thursday, during that last year, while he was dying in the living room, his wife brought your father a coconut pie-his immediate deathbed response to her “Lyman, I HAVE to do something for you!”Too icy for grave remembrances, I asked Ganim’s nursery what the earliest plant was I could risk. “Pansies.” So, I made this painting. And waited.” -Jacquelyn Thunfors


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