Ancient Chinese Water Garden

Ancient Chinese Water Garden

Size: 50" x 38" in. ()
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

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Ancient Chinese Water Garden


“A Parisian gallery owner approached me at the opening of my 1999 Melina MercouriExhibition Hall exhibition on the island of Hydra, Greece .“ My dear girl. You don’t even look like an artist. And when you can paint such divine pastels why do you ever bother to tackle these huge paintings.No that they aren’t wonderful, BUT……!”No one had ever challenged me like this. I always thought I was normal (^O^). And I was thrilled that such a professional had bothered to come. “Well”…then a long pause. “ I guess maybe it might be that I long to get lost in a painting. Pastels are quick for me. I don’t take myself seriously and I just like to think about how something might look if I risk a bit and run around with color as a sort of exploration of an idea. An exploring mode, more.But when I die I know I will want to have something to look at that is literally big and literally complex….shows me taking life seriously, giving a great amount of time recording my experiences and my spirit…..something big enough that not only jolts my memory but allows me to walk about within it with my eyes, escape, really, and find comfort in how I chose to spend my time while my body gave me life itself.”Six years later my Olympic Collection, Grandfathers’ Hands BCE Olympia opens at the Shanghai International Art Fair 2005. Across from my work is a double-wide booth display of a large lengthy painting: a formal Grecian-style garden scene with high formal pillars at the forefront, marking the beginning of a stone walkway that winds down, through elaborate foliage, into a green disappearing landscape.Because so few visitors ever paused there,I felt compassion for the two men who spent each day idly minding their booth. No customers. And no obvious attempt, on their part, to engage with passing crowds. Approaching them one afternoon I asked about the painting.” Oh, we never expect to sell it! We’re just doing institutional advertising.” I don’t understand.” Well, when people are dying they are often in a strange place. By themselves….and having to accept that they have only a short time left before they will enter another world they know nothing about…a
world that requires them to imagine is better than the one they lie in. Families and institutions buy these portable panels to comfort them…help them envision a path into the unknown during their last days. ”Never had I known such an art service existed. Immediately, when I returned to my own booth, I remembered the Parisian gallery owner, and recognized, through my years of work, that, years ago, I had somehow stumbled into a very human universal: a deeply hidden need, within all of us, to visually lose ourselves in colored memories in order to leave them.” -Jacquelyn Thunfors


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Ancient Chinese Water Garden
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