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Francesca Piqueras


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About Francesca Piqueras

“Francesca Piqueras grew up in a family of artists. His parents, close to Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and Salvador Dali, met them in the summer in Cadaques.

At the heart of this brilliant universe, she grew up as a solitary and attentive observer.

From the age of thirteen, she fell in love with the video camera and the camera that she received as a gift and which allowed her to sharpen her gaze from a distance.

She studies the history of art, cinema, exercises the profession of editor, without ever abandoning her cameras.

It was not until 2007 that she took the plunge and exhibited her pictures for the first time. These are first of all black and white series centered on an urban universe of which she does not hesitate to magnify the traces of urine.

Marked by “Deserto Rosso”, by Michelangelo Antonioni, her interest is in other traces, those of industrial civilisation.

She moved on to color and presented in 2011 “”The Architecture of Absence””, a series taken on shipbreaking yards in Bangladesh, then, in 2012, “”The Architecture of Silence””, photos of cargo ships scuttled outside of all rules of law, in Mauritania.

She continues this artistic project between sea, sky, metal and rust by taking an interest in oil and military platforms.

“I photograph what man builds for economic or war reasons. For his needs, man invents architectures of incredible invention. He builds them in extreme situations and in a way that can be questionable. But my purpose is not to denounce.

On the contrary, the madness of man, his paradoxes and his contradictions interest me. The culmination of the aesthetics of these objects is, it seems to me, when nature takes back its rights. Time, rust, decay reinvent these architectures in sculptures and poetically rewrite the history of man. Our history “”.

Francesca is now leading several other projects, on other industrial remains, around the world. “


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